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American Democracy Project at UNI


The University of Northern Iowa American Democracy Project (UNI APD) was initiated by Aaron Podolefsky, Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs, in 2003-2004.  An ADP committee was formed and since 2004 the committee and its members have been responsible for initiating a variety of courses, workshops, and presentations on topics and issues related to civic engagement. 

Mission Statement for the American Democracy Project at UNI:

The American Democracy Project at the University of Northern Iowa seeks to develop in the university community the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to doing the hard work of democratic living.

ADP Policy On Representativeness of Speakers and Co-sponsored Programs

The American Democracy Project at UNI intends to have a variety of views in its programming.  
In decisions to co-sponsor speakers with other units or organizations, we require that there be an opportunity for UNI students, faculty, and staff and the community at large to engage in dialogue with the speaker in order to allow for a variety of views to be heard.  In seeking a variety of views, we welcome requests for co-sponsorship with groups across campus. (Adopted by UNI ADP Committee, March 5, 2010)

ADP Projects at UNI

2005-2006 Projects

2004-2005 Projects

June 2007 Workshops

For more information on the ADP at UNI or the ADP committee, contact:

Gerri Perreault, Chair


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