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Mission and Goals





The American Democracy Project at the University of Northern Iowa seeks to promote responsible citizenship and the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to do the hard work of democratic living.





To foster understanding of the rights and responsibilities of democratic citizenship.

  • Understand the relevance and applications of the U. S. Constitution.
  • Know the strategies for making one’s voice heard.
  • Understand the issues related to democracy.



To promote development of the skills necessary for critical thinking, civil discourse, and engaged citizenship.

  • Think in complex ways about civic and societal issues.
  • Communicate one’s ideas respectfully and listen to opposing viewpoints.
  • Translate knowledge of democratic citizenship into action.



To enhance commitment to democratic practices and belief in one’s ability to make a difference through individual and collective action.


  • Appreciate the importance of treating others with respect and civility.
  • Recognize the significance of one’s membership in local, national, and global communities.
  • Accept responsibility for engaging in democratic practices and citizenship.



Adopted by UNI ADP Committee November 7, 2007